How many students are accepted each year into the Academy? Each school year, 85 students are accepted into the Academy: 20 in Medical Assisting, 20 in Nurse Aide, 20 in Networking Technology, and 25 in the College Transfer Track.

What happens if a student wants to change tracks?  For instance,if they begin in “medical assisting” and they decided they don’t want to do that, can they switch to “networking” after a year?
Students must stay within their chosen course of study or go back to their home school.

What are the daily times of the school?
School times are from 9:30 am- 3:30 pm. 

Will the calendar be different for the Academy?
Yes. The calendar will be shifted  to more closely correlate with the Johnston Community College calendar.  Students will begin the school year about 2-3 weeks earlier than traditional high schools and will finish the school year about 2-3 weeks earlier as well.  The Academy will follow the same calendar as Early and Middle Colleges.

Will transportation be provided?
Yes, bus transportation will be provided.

Will lunch be provided?

Degree Programs

What is the difference between the Medical Assisting degree and the Nurse Aide degree?
Medical Assistants assist physicians and physician assistants in providing patient care at medical offices, clinics, and health departments. Nurse Aides work under the supervision of the registered nurse in long-term care facilities and hospitals. If you plan to pursue a career in a healthcare field, being a Certified Nurse Aide on the NC Nurse Aide Registry is a prerequisite for entry into numerous healthcare majors such as Nursing, Physician Assistant, Sonography, Nuclear Medicine and selected Radiography Programs.

Medical Assisting Degree

What does a Medical Assistant do in the daily job?
Medical Assistants are multi-skilled healthcare professionals qualified to perform administrative, clinical, and laboratory procedures. Daily job activities include, patient health assessment, performing height, weight, and vital signs, assisting with examinations, performing routine laboratory procedures, electrocardiography (EKG’s), scheduling appointments, coding and processing insurance accounts, billing, and medical transcription.

What types of job positions are available to a person with the Medical Assisting degree?
Graduates have employment opportunities in physicians’ offices, health maintenance organizations (HMO’s), health departments, and hospital clinics.

What certifications are available through the Medical Assisting Pathway?
  • Medical Assisting Certification
  • CPR
  • Phlebotomy - not yet, but hope to have this certification by the time first students graduate.
What is the salary range for jobs in Medical Assisting?

Nurse Aide Degree

What does a Nurse Aide do in the daily job?
Nurse Aides work under the direct supervision of nurses or physicians to assist with basic patient care.  They often feed, bathe, dress and groom patients who are unable to perform these tasks themselves.  At times, Nurse Aides may perform medically-oriented duties such as measuring blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs. Nurse Aide II’s perform additional duties. Because Nurse Aides are in close contact with patients and their daily care, they can have a tremendous impact on patient’s sense of well being.

Nurse Aide I certification is a prerequisite for Nurse Aide II certification.

What types of job positions are available to a person with the Nurse Aide degree?
Most NA I’s work in long-term care facilities that provide rehabilitative or custodial care of patients. They may also work in the increasingly popular assisted living environments, or in outpatient facilities, community health centers, physicians’ offices, or patients’ homes. NA II’s have additional skills and certification and are employed in hospitals. Round-the-clock shift work usually goes along with this kind of work, and there may be holiday or weekend commitments.

What certifications are available through the Nurse Aide Pathway?
  • Nurse Aide I
  • Nurse Aide II
  • Geriatric Aide
  • Home Health Care Nurse Aide
  • CPR
What is the salary range for jobs in Nurse Aide?

​Networking Degree

What does a someone with this degree do in the daily job?
A computer networker works in many different industries since computers are essential to running offices, medical facilities, and stores. They may be responsible for setting up local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), troubleshooting computer issues, monitoring computer system security, and ensuring connectivity for computer users.

What types of job positions are available to a person with the Networking degree?
Computer network technician, Network engineer, Network control technician, Network security specialist, Computer repair technician, just to name a few.

What is the salary range for jobs in Computer Networking?
Salary range is dependent upon the specific job and experience, but can range from around $25,000 - $35,000 per year.
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