End of Course Tests and NC Final Exams

End of Course Tests and NC Final Exams will be given in December and May of each school year. All tests will be administered online!

EOC and Final Exams FAQs

What is the EOC test?

An EOC is a required state test in one of three courses:   Math I, Biology, and English II.  The state board eliminated the EOC for Algebra II, Civics, US History, and Physical Science in 2011-12.  New assessments aligned with the Common Core Curriculum have been administered since 2012-2013.

Who takes it?

Every student enrolled in an EOC course must take the state test unless he or she has previously passed the EOC. EOC courses include English II, Biology, and Math I.

What is on the test?

Each EOC measures a student's knowledge as specified by the NC Standard Course of Study in that subject.  More details on each test are available at the NCDPI website. The new  tests require more reasoning and comprehension to reflect the new curriculum's emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving.

Does it count as a grade?

The EOC counts as 20% of the overall grade for the course. A student must pass the EOC to receive credit for the course.

What are Final Exams?

 Final Exams are used to gather growth data for all teachers to determine teacher ratings on the NC Educator Evaluation System. Johnston County gives Final Exams in book form for the following courses:  English I, English III, English IV, Algebra II, Math II, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Functions and Modeling, Discrete Math, Civics, US History, American History I and II, World History, Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Environmental Science, and Physics.

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